The 29th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP 2021)
Dallas, Texas, USA Virtual Event, November 1-5, 2021 


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Monday, November 1, 2021

BlockApp & CPS-Sec 2021 (Program, Slack)
The 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Blockchain and Mobile Applications
The 6th IEEE International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security Protocols

ICAV 2021 (Program, Slack)
IEEE Workshop on Intelligent Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

NetCloud 2021 (Program, Slack)
IEEE Workshop on Networking for Edge Computing and Distributed Cloud Applications

NetVerify 2021 (Program, Slack)
IEEE Workshop on Network Verification

NIPAA 2021 (Program, Slack)
The 2nd IEEE Workshop on New Internetworking Protocols, Architecture and Algorithms

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

>> Presentations @YouTube, @Bilibili

Keynote: The Quantum Internet: Recent Advances and Challenges
>> presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Prof. Don Towsley (College of Information & Computer Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Quantum information processing is at the cusp of having a significant impact on technology and society in the form of providing unbreakable security, ultra-high-precision distributed sensing with applications to metrology and science discovery (e.g., LIGO), and polynomial speeds up on search with implications to big data. Most of these applications are enabled by high-rate distributed shared entanglement between pairs and groups of users. A critical missing component that prevents crossing this threshold is a distributed infrastructure in the form of a world-wide “Quantum Internet” to enable this. This motivates our study of quantum networks, namely what is the right architecture and how should it be operated, i.e., route multiple quantum information flows, and dynamically allocate resources fairly.
In this talk I will review a specific class of quantum networks - those that generate and distribute entangled quantum states to pairs or groups of users. I will present opportunities and challenges related to resource sharing in such networks focusing on similarities to and differences from classical networks. I will also present challenges of analyzing the performance of such networks. I will end the talk with a list of open problems.

Extended material:
Here are pointers to materials if you want to follow up on Quantum Networking.

RPO: Receiver-driven Transport Protocol Using Opportunistic Transmission in Data Center
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Jinbin Hu, Jiawei Huang, Zhaoyi Li, and Yijun Li (Central South University); Wenchao Jiang (Singapore University of Technology and Design); Kai Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Jianxin Wang (Central South University); Tian He (University of Minnesota)

R-AQM: Reverse ACK Active Queue Managementin Multi-tenant Data Centers
>> paper | teaser @YouTube | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Xinle Du (Tsinghua University); Tong Li and Lei Xu (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.); Kai Zheng (2012 Labs, Huawei Technologies); Meng Shen (Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China); Bo Wu and Ke Xu (Tsinghua University)

FlashPass: Proactive Congestion Control for Shallow-buffered WAN
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Gaoxiong Zeng and Jianxin Qiu (HKUST); Yifei Yuan and Hongqiang Liu (Alibaba); Kai Chen (HKUST)

Receiver-Driven RDMA Congestion Control by Differentiating Congestion Types in Datacenter Networks
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Jiao Zhang, Jiaming Shi, Xiaolong Zhong, Zirui Wan, Yu Tian, Tian Pan, and Tao Huang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Federated Traffic Engineering with Supervised Learning in Multi-region Networks
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Minghao Ye (New York University); Junjie Zhang (Fortinet, Inc.); Zehua Guo (Beijing Institute of Technology); H. Jonathan Chao (New York University)

Is Machine Learning Ready for Traffic Engineering Optimization?
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Guillermo Bernárdez, José Suárez-Varela, and Albert López (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya); Bo Wu, Shihan Xiao, and Xiangle Cheng (Huawei Technologies); Pere Barlet-Ros and Albert Cabellos-Aparicio (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Generalizable and Interpretable Deep Learning for Network Congestion Prediction
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Konstantinos Poularakis and Qiaofeng Qin (Yale University); Franck Le (IBM Research); Sastry Kompella (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory); Leandros Tassiulas (Yale University)

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

>> Presentations @YouTube, @Bilibili

AlignTrack: Push the Limit of LoRa Collision Decoding
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Qian Chen and Jiliang Wang (Tsinghua University)

Partial Symbol Recovery for Interference Resilience in Low-Power Wide Area Networks
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Kai Sun (Southeast University); Zhimeng Yin (City University of Hong Kong); Weiwei Chen, Shuai Wang, Zeyu Zhang, and Tian He (Southeast University)

Cooperatively Constructing Cost-Effective Content Distribution Networks upon Emerging Low Earth Orbit Satellites and Clouds
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Zeqi Lai, Hewu Li, Qi Zhang, Qian Wu, and Jianping Wu (Tsinghua University)

OrbitCast: Exploiting Mega-Constellations for Low-Latency Earth Observation
>> paper | teaser @YouTube | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Zeqi Lai, Qian Wu, Hewu Li, Mingyang Lv, and Jianping Wu (Tsinghua University)

ISP Self-Operated BGP Anomaly Detection Based on Weakly Supervised Learning
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Yutao Dong (Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School); Qing Li (Southern University of Science and Technology and also with Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL)); Richard O. Sinnott (the School of Computing and Information Systems within The University of Melbourne); Yong Jiang and Shutao Xia (Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School and also with Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL))

DOVE: Diagnosis-driven SLO Violation Detection
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Yiran Lei (Tsinghua University); Yu Zhou (Tsinghua University and Alibaba Inc); Yunsenxiao Lin, Mingwei Xu, and Yangyang Wang (Tsinghua University)

DNSonChain: Delegating Privacy-Preserved DNS Resolution to Blockchain
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Lin Jin (University of Delaware); Shuai Hao (Old Dominion University); Yan Huang (Indiana University); Haining Wang (Virginia Tech); Chase Cotton (University of Delaware)

Advertising DNS Protocol Use to Mitigate DDoS Attacks
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Jacob Davis (Sandia National Laboratories); Casey Deccio (Brigham Young University)

Hopping on Spectrum: Measuring and Boosting a Large-scale Dual-band Wireless Network
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Haibo Wang, Tao Gao, and Weizhen Dang (Tsinghua University); JingAn Xue (Huawei Technologies); Jiahao Cao, Fenghua Li, and Jilong Wang (Tsinghua University)

Exploiting WiFi AP for Simultaneous Data Dissemination among WiFi and ZigBee Devices
paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Wei Wang, Xin Liu, Yao Yao, and Ting Zhu (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

ATRIA: Autonomous Traffic-Aware Scheduling for Industrial Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Xia Cheng and Mo Sha (Florida International University)

Chimera: exploiting UAS flight path information to optimize heterogeneous data transmission
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Russell Shirey, Sanjay Rao, and Shreyas Sundaram (Purdue University)

Thursday, November 4, 2021

>> Presentations @YouTube, @Bilibili

Constraint-Aware Deep Reinforcement Learning for End-to-End Resource Orchestration in Mobile Networks
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Qiang Liu (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Nakjung Choi (Nokia Bell Labs); Tao Han (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Learned FIB: Fast IP Forwarding without Longest Prefix Matching
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Shunsuke Higuchi, Yuki Koizumi, and Junji Takemasa (Osaka University); Atsushi Tagami (KDDI Research, Inc.); Toru Hasegawa (Osaka University)

MPLibra: Complementing the Benefits of Classic and Learning-based Multipath Congestion Control
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Hebin Yu, Jiaqi Zheng, Zhuoxuan Du, and Guihai Chen (Nanjing University)

Antelope: A Framework for Dynamic Selection of Congestion Control Algorithms
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Jianer Zhou (Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China); Xinyi Qiu (Peng Cheng Laboratory, Shenzhen, China); Zhenyu Li (ICT, CAS); Gareth Tyson (Queen Mary University of London); Qing Li, Jingpu Duan, and Yi Wang (Sothern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China)

Recycling Wasted Energy for Mobile Charging
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Yu Sun and Chi Lin (Dalian University of Technology); Haipeng Dai (Nanjing University); Pengfei Wang, Jiankang Ren, Lei Wang, and Guowei Wu (Dalian University of Technology)

pMACH: Power and Migration Aware Container scHeduling
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Sourav Panda, K. K. Ramakrishnan, and Laxmi N. Bhuyan (University of California, Riverside)

HLS: A Packet Scheduler for Hierarchical Fairness
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Natchanon Luangsomboon and Jörg Liebeherr (University of Toronto)

Reconfiguring Cell Selection in 4G/5G Networks
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Qianru Li (University of California Los Angeles); Chunyi Peng (Purdue University)

Poster: Connected Vehicles using Short-range (Wi-Fi & IEEE 802.11p) and Long-range Cellular Networks (LTE & 5G)
>> abstract | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Muhammad Naeem Tahir (Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering University of Oulu, Finland); Marcos Katz (Centre for Wireless Communications-Networks and Systems University of Oulu, Finland); Zunera Javed (Centre for Wireless Communications-Radio Technology University of Oulu, Finland

Poster: Enabling Fast Forwarding in Hybrid Software-Defined Networks
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Yijun Sun, Zehua Guo, Songshi Dou (Beijing Institute of Technology, China); Junjie Zhang (Fortinet); Changlin Li, Xiang Ouyang (Bei jing Institute of Technology, China)

Poster: Reverse-Path Congestion Notification: Accelerating the Congestion Control Feedback Loop
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Ralf Kundel (Multimedia Communications Lab, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany); Nehal Baganal Krishna (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany); Christoph Gärtne, Tobias Meuser (Multimedia Communications Lab, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany); Amr Rizk (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

Poster: Accelerate Cross-Device Federated Learning With Semi-Reliable Model Multicast Over The Air
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Yunzhi Lin, Shouxi Luo (Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China)

Poster: DSME-LoRa – A Flexible MAC for LoRa
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
José Álamos, Peter Kietzmann, Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg, Germany); Matthias Wählisch(Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Poster: Private Internet: A Global End-to-End Service Model
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Souvik Das, Kamil Sarac (University of Texas at Dallas, TX, USA)

Poster: Data Collection for ML Classification of Encrypted Messaging Applications
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Jason Hussey, Ethan Taylor (Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO, USA); Kerri Stone (iCR, inc. CO, USA); Tracy Camp (Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO, USA)

Poster: Loading Programmable Data Plane Programs to Virtual Plane
>> abstract | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
YuXin Zhao (Tongji University, China)

Poster: EasyTrans: Enable Fast Iteration of Transport Protocol
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Jie Zhang, Chuan Ma (Tsinghua University, China); Wei Wang, Kai Zheng (Huawei Technologies); Yong Cui (Tsinghua University, China)

Demo: SkyRoute, a Fast and Realistic UAV Cellular Simulation Framework
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Mingsheng Yin (NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NY, USA); Tuyen X. Tran, Abhigyan Sharma (AT&T Labs Research); Marco Mezzavilla, Sundeep Rangan (NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NY, USA)

Demo: Simple Deep Packet Inspection with P4
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Sahil Gupta (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA); Devashish Gosain (Max-Planck-Institut fur Informatik, Germany); Garegin Grigoryan, Minseok Kwon , H. B. Acharya (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

Demo: FLARE: Federated Active Learning Assisted by Naming for Responding to Emergencies
>> abstract | slides | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili
Viyom Mittal, Mohammad Jahanian, K. K. Ramakrishnan (University of California, Riverside, CA, USA)

Friday, November 5, 2021

>> Presentations @YouTube, @Bilibili

Loom: Switch-based Cloud Load Balancer with Compressed States
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Jiao Zhang and Yuxuan Gao (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Shubo Wen (ByteDance Inc); Tian Pan and Tao Huang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

StaR: Breaking the Scalability Limit for RDMA
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Xizheng Wang, Guo Chen, and Xijin Yin (Hunan University); Huichen Dai, Bojie Li, Binzhang Fu, and Kun Tan (Huawei)

Loss-freedom, Order-preservation and No-Buffering: Pick Any Two During Flow Migration in Network Functions
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Radhika Sukapuram (Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati); Ranjan Patowary (Central Institute of Technology Kokrajhar); Gautam Barua (Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati)

TROD: Evolving From Electrical Data Center to Optical Data Center
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Peirui Cao and Shizhen Zhao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Min Yee Teh (Columbia University); Yunzhuo Liu and Xinbing wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

NetFC: Enabling Accurate Floating-point Arithmetic on Programmable Switches
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Penglai Cui, Heng Pan, and Zhenyu Li (Institute of computing technology, CAS); Jiaoren Wu, Shengzhuo Zhang, and Xingwu Yang (Kuaishou); Hongtao Guan (Institute of computing technology, CAS); Gaogang Xie (Computer Network Information Center, CAS)

MagicTCAM: A Multiple-TCAM Scheme for Fast TCAM Update
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Ruyi Yao, Cong Luo, and Xuandong Liu (Fudan University); Ying Wan and Bin Liu (Tsinghua University); Wenjun Li (Peking University); Yang Xu (Fudan University)

PIPO: Efficient Programmable Scheduling for Time Sensitive Networking
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Chuwen Zhang and Zhikang Chen (Tsinghua University, China); Haoyu Song (Futurewei Technologies, USA); Ruyi Yao and Yang Xu (Fudan University, China); Yi Wang (Southern University of Science and Technology, China); Ji Miao and Bin Liu (Tsinghua University, China)

SketchINT: Empowering INT with TowerSketch for Per-flow Per-switch Measurement
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Kaicheng Yang, Yuanpeng Li, Zirui Liu, and Tong Yang (Peking University); Yu Zhou (Tsinghua University); Jintao He (Peking University); JingAn Xue (Huawei Technologies); Tong Zhao (Peking University); Zhengyi Jia and Yongqiang Yang (Huawei Technologies)

DeltaINT: Toward General In-band Network Telemetry with Extremely Low Bandwidth Overhead
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Siyuan Sheng (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences); Qun Huang (Peking University); Patrick P. C. Lee (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

CELL: Counter Estimation for Per-flow Traffic in Streams and Sliding Windows
>> paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Rana Shahout, Roy Friedman, and Dolev Adas (Technion)

Virtual Filter for Non-duplicate Sampling
>> Best paper award | paper | teaser @YouTube, @Bilibili | presentation @YouTube, @Bilibili
Chaoyi Ma, Haibo Wang, Olufemi O Odegbile, and Shigang Chen (University of Florida)